• Service Projects - This year we're proud to say we donated $1300 to various charities.  Past charities have included St Jude Children's Hospital, Alex's Lemonade Stand, Los Angeles Battered Women's and Children's Shelter, Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts, and Thanksgiving Meals for Needy Families.
  • Because we are a tax-exempt organization, your annual dues are considered to be a tax-deductible donation by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Monthly General Meeting - Coffee & Donuts as we call it, gives us a chance to mingle with other members not in our Play Groups.  The meetings can also include a guest speaker, a craft, discussion of club business, and play time for the kids.

MOMS Club = Moms Offering Moms Support

  • Club Newsletters - A monthly newsletter, created by our members, that feature a calendar of events, club news, birthdays, recipes, photos, a Mom of the Month and more.
  • We understand that being an at-home mom and raising a family often means a tight budget, so if the membership dues would be a financial hardship, please let us know.

We offer numerous activities each month for our members:



Being a Mother shouldn't isolate you.  This will be the toughest time in your life, and you could use the support!




Make the most out of our city, with fun field trips, activities, and playgroups!

  • Meet-Ups - Enjoy potlucks, activities at local parks, museums, and other places in or around Culver City and Mar Vista.


  • Social Media - Members stay connected through our Yahoo Email Group and our Facebook page.  It's a great way to ask questions, trade/sell items, or get support from other members.  You're connected to a community of supportive moms.
  • You must live in Culver City West of Overland Ave., Mar Vista, or Marina del Rey (there is another MOMS Club chapter for Culver City residents East of Overland Ave).
  • Play Groups - A way for you and your kids to make new friends.  Members are matched up into play groups with children of similar ages, which meet weekly.
  • For a more information about membership, please Contact Us.
The first chapter of the International MOMS Club was founded in 1983 by Mary James, a stay-at-home mom in California who was tired of being home alone.  Hoping to meet other at-home mothers and children, she soon discovered that there were no organizations that met during the day and which provided activities for both moms and kids alike. So, she decided to start a new organization just for stay-at-home moms and their little ones, and thus, the MOMS Club was born!  (Our Chapter is for both Working & At-Home Moms.)

Today, there are over 2,000 chapters of the MOMS Club nationwide with over 100,000 members. Chapters are based on geographic location to assure that members will meet other moms who live close to them.

The MOMS Club of Culver City West & Mar Vista is for moms who live in Culver City (west of Overland Avenue), Mar Vista, and Marina del Rey, California. We welcome both Working & At-Home Moms!

For more information about The MOMS Club International Organization or to locate a MOMS Club chapter where you live, visit the MOMS Club official website.

  • Dues for our members are $40 per year, which cover club expenses such as room rentals, supplies, snacks, website fees, postage, advertising, and service projects. We follow all of the bylaws set forth by the MOMS Club organization.


Do you live West of Overland Ave in Culver City or in Mar Vista?


  • Moms Night Out - Once a month we schedule a moms night out at a local hot spot so that we can socialize without the kids (because we deserve it!).


Culver City West

& Mar Vista